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 Welcome to Stamascus Knife Works

Thanks for sharing your time with us. First, let me tell you a little about our knives. Tanya and I have been making knives for many years.

We specialize in making fine Stainless Steel Damascus Knives. There are no limits to the level of art that our knives can be taken too.  Our customers set the limits of their design.

We offer each of our clients a level of services that is unequaled by any other. Our services include: custom materials, leather work and engraving. Our knives are both collected and used by our clients. We are pleased to say that their cutting performance as a knife is unparalleled by anyone. As with most great things in life, only experience tells us just how great a fine custom product is. 

From start to finish, each creation is different and designed just for you, our customer. From our many letters of customer satisfaction, we are very comfortable saying that your personal custom knife will be one that will not only be a heirloom and guarded treasure for years to come, but a pleasure to own, display and use.

Like all truly great products from custom cars, boats, rifles or what ever your pleasure, one of our custom  knives will insure your complete satisfaction. Thanks again and please enjoy looking at our knives.   




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